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Time To Stop Naively Fantasize

Most of forex traders naively fantasize that they will make money from every transaction. Ironically, they even can’t tell which trends make money and which are no longer trends but lose money!

Most of forex traders don’t have a way of identifying or auditing the trades at all.

Do you always care about every transaction, whenever you start it? And worry the transaction is that vital and anxious to get the profit of it?

Do you only hope god will bless you, and that the transaction is a right choice, and wish you didn’t miss this opportunity?

Most of forex traders always lose money one after another, when they start every transaction, and finally find it difficult to invest in forex. When their mood is low, they have to deceive and comfort themselves “That’s all right! When faced with more and more failures, as long as i can persevere, I’ll definitely make money in the next transaction!”

Most of forex traders will search online in browser inquire about “Free Forex Signals, Forex Robots, Forex Analysis, Forex Accurate Strategy, Most Accurate Indicator and bla bla bla” to motivate themselves whenever they have nothing to do with it to deceive themselves as a spiritual opium.

The Only One Theory We Believed

Investment is just like robbing, and we’re only deeply convinced in a theory – “Robber never leave if they didn’t get anything”

To the layman, the forex market trading view is always changing. There will never be a situation in which nothing can be done. We will be able to solve all problems until we can make money from this transaction.

So we will never lose heart. In case this method fails, the next one will come again. We will have a variety of methods until every single transaction can be profitable.

We never believe in such words as “When faced with more and more failures, as long as we can persevere, the next transaction will be rewarded”

Because experienced forex investors never hesitate. We don’t do every transaction irrationally.

We identify the projects that we are targeting for trading with a set of methods.

So we can tell if it is a trend or not at the first time clearly according to our years of experience and never waste time on wrong project.

Let's Start Now, Because Effectiveness Is Much More Important Than Reason!!

How Does Forex Factory FX Signals Work?


Highlighted forex chart patterns trend with higher confidence.

Update latest forex market trend for Monthly Chart, Weekly Chart, Daily Chart, H4 chart and H1 chart.

Mid-term view that covers market swings for the next likely move.

Daily updated from Monday - Firday.

Selected and focus over 18 of the popular global forex currency pairs.


We want to help you rediscover the joy of trading forex again!

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